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Lalao is a French-malagasy Groove/World music band.

Afro guitar, the cello revisited, groove and ultra-refined percussion… together with the moving, thrilling voice of Yannick Jacquet come to create a sometimes disturbing, hybrid world of contrasts…
Lalao‘s songs bring shapes of pop, neo-soul, hip hop, traditional malagasy music as well as jazz… some of the many influences on its 3 musicians.

They  met in Brussels in 2015 and they are:

Yani K (vocals/cello/keyboards/clarinet), Romain Garcera (percussion/vibraphone) and Joel Rabesolo (guitars).

Their first EP « Embers » came out in February 2018.

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    Theatre Marni (Bxl) 08/11/18

    SOOON! We'll be spreading "Embers" Ep and new composition at Théâtre Marni. Diego di Vito(Bass/guitar/effects) is joining the crew! Looking forward to this one 🙂 See more and get tickets in "all events"   Tickets ---->  Tickets LALAO "Théâtre Marni" 08/11/18 Event...

    Café Beguin (Bxl) 02/06/18

    Café Beguin - Lovely place downtown  - Come discover new Lalao composition and dance with us !


    Recorded at Mecanic Voodoo Studio (Brussels)

    Recording : Joeri Van Loon , Romain Boonen
    Recording, Mixing, additional production : Romain Boonen
    Mastering : Pieter De Wagter
    Artwork : Tess Felix Greene

    Yannick Jacquet : Vocals/Cello/Bass/Double bass/Keyboards/Clarinet
    Joel Rabesolo : Guitares
    Romain Garcera : Vibraphone/Drums/Percussion

    Vocal guest on “Sugar Mama” : Jéremie Zagba

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